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It’s well-known that in the UK doing just 30 minutes of activity a day (5 days/week) can help reduce the chance of heart-related diseases and obesity, improve overall health and increase how long we live. Specifically, in London, this is very important as we shift focus to complete more journeys by foot in order to ease pressure on our overstretched transport infrastructure and, by extension, benefit the environment.

TreeTalk wants to be there every step of the way to help make this happen. We are about encouraging discovery and creating change.

In order to make this happen, we’re seeking some funding from the Aviva Community Fund and we need members of the public to register and vote for us on their website.

TreeTalk has been developed using tree data from the Greater London Authority (GLA) to give residents of London the opportunity to get out of the house, use their feet and find interesting and green streets whilst learning about trees.

What makes TreeTalk unique is that you can find new walking routes, learn about the trees on your local roads, and our newly launched app can even speak to you and tell you about the trees as you are walking by them!

We’ve learned that by providing a reason to get out, we can bring about wider positive change. In this case, using your feet to learn about trees, educate yourself and your neighbours, is just the first step.

Our newly developed Android app (supported by the website) is simple to use. By using your location, the app will create a circular walk from your home, or any other address, and will take you past interesting trees in your local neighbourhood. Maybe you could use it to guide you from your office on a lunchtime stroll, or explore a part of London with which you are less familiar.

You can learn about trees such as the rare Nettle Tree (which despite its name doesn’t sting!). Its jagged leaves and green berries will be seen much more in the future as it has shown it can handle anything that the city and climate change can throw at it. Then there is the Strawberry Tree with its simultaneous flowers and fruit in the autumn. And yes, its fruit does look like strawberries! Maybe with TreeTalk you will discover your own ‘rare’ street tree walking your local roads?

Street Tree Stalkers: Paul Wood leading a group looking at recent street tree planting in Hackney

– Give members of the community an opportunity to experience the joys of discovery of a local tree walk with our tree guru Paul Wood;
– Get you to help us explore and understand the streets and help refine how to get more people out walking and exploring;
– To design and link up hand-crafted walks in the area and promote them to encourage usage;
– To make our routes even greener and more fascinating;
– To promote and show gains in health, e.g. steps taken daily; by integrating a step counter;
– And to build the depth of tree library, e.g. imagery & content;

You can help us explore these topics and help share your passion for walking with others.

All the above points are ambitious, but we are dedicated to making change and we see these as the first steps towards that.

Please vote for us. Together we can create change and create a better way of living in and moving through London!

Vote for TreeTalk Now!

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